What is business packaging?

Business packaging is a complete solution for STARTUPS or young companies. I will make an analysis of your business sector, design your brand guide/book, design everything from scratch specifically for your business packaging elements, develop marketing strategy and make online consults before you start your business.

Logo design for the key product

If your business has some kind of key product that needs to be highlighted. For this project, I made a trademark and a special logo. For example, you are selling burgers. All burgers look the same, but if your product is associated with a specific symbol or logo, etc. , it will be more recognizable in your ads.

Brand guide

When I make business packaging for my clients, they always get a printed brand guide book, which is always at hand when they need it.

Paper cup. Trash or your ad?

If your business is using paper cups, don’t ignore this very important tactic. When your client leaves the cup somewhere it becomes your ad. You should think about the information on it, focusing on recognizable design. Anyone who sees it on the street should immediately understand that it belongs to your company.

Adaptive web site

Always keep in mind that more that 70% of your website traffic comes from mobile devices. Make sure that your web site is properly displayed on mobile devices.

Be creative, think creative

For this project, I ade storytelling ads. The idea was to make comics with situations clients could relate to. We also integrated native advertising into the comics.

T-shirts for barista

Mostly, baristas stand with their back to the clients. The solution was to put all the information on their back, so the client has 2-3 minutes to remember web site address, name and logo.

Pop-up cafe design

For some businesses, mobility is very important. Especially for this project, mobility become possibility for expansion. I came up with a solution to be positioned as a pop-up café, because this is a good way to find more new customers and make some promo appearances in shopping centers.


Keep in mind that interior makes you want to stay or leave a place. It makes a pleasant atmosphere inside. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cafe or office — you should always think about the interior, because your clients and your staff should feel comfortable.

Using screens

Digital screens give you the opportunity to easily change information displayed without using expensive printed ads. You save money and trees. Especially for that project, LED screens saved more than 500€ in the first month alone, because of frequent changes in the menu.